Gauge is a simple python script which helps record shooting statistics. If you enjoy clay pigeon shooting (or related shooting sports), you can easily keep a record of your aiming accuracy. It has an easy to use and fast colour console user interface. It is best used with the Debian operating system with a Laptop with a good battery on site.

Using it

System requirements

If you do not know what the hell Linux is, this program is not for you. This program has not been tested on Windows, and it would probably not install very easily besides. It is a console application so it should be very fast, and you do not need X windows to run it. It probably will run fine with some fine tuning on VERY low specced machines(Palm, IPAQ, 286 etc.)!

Software requirements

You need a python interpreter as well as the newt/snack module installed. Under Debian, you would simply make sure the package python-newt is installed, and copy this script named to a directory you would like to run it from. In Debian SID python2.2 does not have snack installed by default in the site-packages. Use the python2.1 binary in that case. ./ -h for usage help. I encourage you to read the code too. Enjoy =)

Picture of Gauge on a Thinkpad 600 in action


The license includes a standard disclaimer to basically say I am not responsible for shooting yourself or your friends accidently. Please be careful, and keep your gun broken!

The future

If you have actually made use of this program, I would like to hear from you by email! :) I welcome any patches and contributions sent to me too via email. In the short term I want the User Interface to have Hotkeys or shortcut keys, and improve the statistics. I would like it to be able to export data to GNUPlot in order to draw some cool looking graphs. If I have the time I would like to do a Web version of this, making use of shortcut keys I have seen Google employ in a Web demo.

This program *is* simple and probably will end up being an example for people who are interested in learning python and newt, in the same way I have used it. It took me about 3+ days to get this far from a cold start. :)

Credits, contributions and copyright

This is dedicated to Brian Hendry and Morley Allan, the gentlemen I shoot with.
Thanks to opensource software and its amazing contributors for providing me a platform for writing this.

License: GPL