Mar 2019

Generate Fleet Metrics with New Capabilities of AWS IoT Device Management (aws.amazon.com)
Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Supports AWS CloudTrail Logging (aws.amazon.com)
Release v1.19.1 (github.com)
AWS IoT Core Now Supports HTTP REST APIs with X.509 Client Certificate-Based Authentication On Port 443 (aws.amazon.com)
YDR3110(YALE) Digital Door Lock after two years (www.youtube.com)
Announcing Amazon Transcribe streaming transcription support in the AWS SDK for Ruby (feeds.feedburner.com)
tfw a service you rely on breaks your workflow (www.youtube.com)
AWS Storage Gateway adds support for Amazon S3 Object Lock to File Gateway (aws.amazon.com)
AWS SDK for .NET now targets .NET Standard 2.0 (feeds.feedburner.com)
New AWS Deep Learning AMIs: Amazon Linux 2, TensorFlow 1.13.1, MXNet 1.4.0, and Chainer 5.3.0 (aws.amazon.com)
Amazon VPC Endpoints for Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) are now Available in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region (aws.amazon.com)
Introducing Live Streaming with Automated Multi-Language Subtitling (aws.amazon.com)
Release v1.19.0 (github.com)
AWS CodePipeline Adds Action-Level Details to Pipeline Execution History (aws.amazon.com)
Amazon SNS (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS Config Adds Support for Amazon API Gateway (aws.amazon.com)
AWS Glue now supports resource tagging (aws.amazon.com)
AWS Service Catalog is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region (aws.amazon.com)
Release v1.18.6 (github.com)
Support for AWS Config (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 78 (webkit.org)
Faster & Safer boots with Opensource (www.youtube.com)
Amazon RDS adds support for MySQL Versions 5.7.25, 5.7.24, and MariaDB Version 10.2.21 (aws.amazon.com)
Amazon EKS Introduces Kubernetes API Server Endpoint Access Control (aws.amazon.com)
Default or reset values (natalian.org)
Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.3 enhances I/O handling to boost performance (aws.amazon.com)
Now You Can Query Based on Resource Configuration Properties in AWS Config (aws.amazon.com)
Release v1.18.5 (github.com)
Amazon EC2 z1d Instances are Now Available in the Europe (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney) Regions (aws.amazon.com)
AWS IoT Device Tester v1.1 is Now Available for AWS IoT Greengrass v1.8.0 (aws.amazon.com)
Using Go Modules (blog.golang.org)
Phase context status code: CLIENT_ERROR Message: no matching artifact paths found (natalian.org)
Announcing the renewal command for AWS Certificate Manager (aws.amazon.com)
Announcing Amazon.Lambda.RuntimeSupport (feeds.feedburner.com)
Amazon Rekognition Launches Enhanced Face Analysis (aws.amazon.com)
Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers Now in Preview (aws.amazon.com)
Release v1.18.4 (github.com)
AWS RoboMaker Announces 99.9% Service Level Agreement (aws.amazon.com)
Swayed to Wayland instead of Xorg (www.youtube.com)
Amazon WorkDocs Drive now supports offline content and offline search (aws.amazon.com)
Introducing Amazon Chime Business Calling (aws.amazon.com)
Introducing Amazon Chime Voice Connector (aws.amazon.com)
New Features in Prometheus 2.8.0 (www.robustperception.io)
Singapore's low birth rate (natalian.org)
Equity Tokens: Safeguarding vs. Corporate Action (www.forgac.me)
Now Available: New AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty Certification (aws.amazon.com)
Announcing Amazon Kinesis SubscribeToShard API Support in the AWS SDK for Ruby (feeds.feedburner.com)
Release v1.18.3 (github.com)
The New Go Developer Network (blog.golang.org)
Fast development iterations: PHP versus Serverless (natalian.org)
Dynamic image resizing with Node.js and the Serverless Framework (serverless.com)
Release v1.18.2 (github.com)
AWS Transit Gateway (French) (www.awsgeek.com)
Release v1.18.1 (github.com)
On the Road to WebRTC 1.0, Including VP8 (webkit.org)
Fake EV certificates used in Steam trade phishing attacks (news.netcraft.com)
New in Chrome 73 (developers.google.com)
Release v1.18.0 (github.com)
Mapping iostat to the node exporter’s node_disk_* metrics (www.robustperception.io)
FreeNAS & FCPX working, though the real backup problem is Curation (www.youtube.com)
KV Storage: the Web's First Built-in Module (developers.google.com)
Move Ya! Or maybe, don't, if the user prefers-reduced-motion! (developers.google.com)
Release v1.17.14 (github.com)
Perfectly synchronized dual portscanning (xn--blgg-hra.no)
AWS reInvent 2018 ARC337 Closing Loops and Opening Minds (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS Transit Gateway (German) (www.awsgeek.com)
What's New In DevTools (Chrome 74) (developers.google.com)
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 77 (webkit.org)
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 2019 (news.netcraft.com)
Honeypot intruders’ HTTP activity (xn--blgg-hra.no)
AWS Transit Gateway (Spanish) (www.awsgeek.com)
What's new in the Go Cloud Development Kit (blog.golang.org)
Measuring Java garbage collection with Prometheus (www.robustperception.io)
FreeNAS 11.2 upgrade didn't solve my data hoarding problems (www.youtube.com)
Will rural living ever be convenient? (natalian.org)
Nagios or Icinga plugin for Mikrotik software and firmware version (xn--blgg-hra.no)
Marshalling at East Coast Parkrun #246 4K (www.youtube.com)
I'm winding down my mailing list (and it's inspiring me to reboot the site) (nathanleclaire.com)
Better air for my home office in Singapore (CO2) (www.youtube.com)
Using AWS Lambda and Amazon SNS to Get File Change Notifications from AWS CodeCommit (blogs.aws.amazon.com)

Feb 2019

Amazon WorkLink (www.awsgeek.com)
February 2019 Web Server Survey (news.netcraft.com)
Web Dev Ecosystem team - February wrap up (developers.google.com)
Simple things are hard, Complex things are easy (natalian.org)
Introducing AWS X-Ray support for Python web frameworks used in Serverless applications (feeds.feedburner.com)
Amazon Transcribe (Korean) (www.awsgeek.com)
How Shamrock transacts billions of dollars with Serverless Framework Enterprise (serverless.com)
Amazon Transcribe (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS Solutions Update Feed (feeds.alestic.com)
Go 1.12 is released (blog.golang.org)
Monthly reporting with Prometheus and Python (www.robustperception.io)
🔐Everything I know about Web authentication😢 (www.youtube.com)
Implementing GitFlow Using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
LEGO Geometry (miek.nl)
Improve Build Performance and Save Time Using Local Caching in AWS CodeBuild (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.1 (webkit.org)
Version 2 of the AWS Elastic Beanstalk Windows Server platform (feeds.feedburner.com)
Serverless Framework v1.38 - Introducing Websockets Support (serverless.com)
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 76 (webkit.org)
Before the Internet in South Africa: BBS Scene (www.youtube.com)
Exploring a back/forward cache for Chrome (developers.google.com)
Periodic Table of Amazon Web Services (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS re:Invent 2018: WIN202L - 10 Years of Windows and .Net on AWS (www.awsgeek.com)
shaves2u (razor subscription) versus Gillette comparison (www.youtube.com)
Alternative inflation indicators (natalian.org)
How much of the time is my network usage over a certain amount? (www.robustperception.io)
Malaysia's KLIA 2 for parents (natalian.org)
Health Insurance costs in Singapore (natalian.org)
Negotiating a delivery slot to receive goods (www.youtube.com)
Trust is Good, Observation is Better—Intersection Observer v2 (developers.google.com)
Trusted Types help prevent Cross-Site Scripting (developers.google.com)
Replacing a hot path in your app's JavaScript with WebAssembly (developers.google.com)
Get Ready for Priority Hints (developers.google.com)
Using Git with AWS CodeCommit Across Multiple AWS Accounts (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
Build Go projects with Github Actions (sosedoff.com)
AWS Transit Gateway (www.awsgeek.com)
Validating AWS CodeCommit Pull Requests with AWS CodeBuild and AWS Lambda (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
“INVALID” is not a valid start token and other scrape errors (www.robustperception.io)
Serverless named EMA Top 3 for serverless technologies! (serverless.com)
Introducing Transaction Support in aws-record (feeds.feedburner.com)
X-Ray support for the AWS SDK for Java V2 (feeds.feedburner.com)
AWS Elastic Beanstalk (www.awsgeek.com)
Updates for serverless ASP.NET Core (feeds.feedburner.com)
Support for AWS CloudFormation (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Serverless Framework v1.37 (serverless.com)
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 75 (webkit.org)
AWS X-Ray support for .NET Core is GA (feeds.feedburner.com)
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in January 2019 (news.netcraft.com)
Why not functional programming? (www.youtube.com)
IntersectionObserver in WebKit (webkit.org)
Using tsdb analyze to investigate churn and cardinality (www.robustperception.io)
Configure cwm(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Announcing support for Amazon Creator for Fire TV (www.brightcove.com)

Jan 2019

Netcraft’s Android app now available on the Amazon Appstore (news.netcraft.com)
How to Use Cross-Account ECR Images in AWS CodeBuild for Your Build Environment (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
Databases are painful (natalian.org)
AWS AppSync (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS AppSync (Korean) (www.awsgeek.com)
How to Use Docker Images from a Private Registry for Your Build Environment (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
New Features in Prometheus 2.7.0 (www.robustperception.io)
Netcraft releases anti-phishing app for Android (news.netcraft.com)
Paginating SQL results in Go (www.youtube.com)
Removing Legacy SPDY Protocol Support (webkit.org)
Serverless: GCP Cloud function iterations are 10x slower than AWS (www.youtube.com)
January 2019 Web Server Survey (news.netcraft.com)
Aki introduced me to Plan9 (www.youtube.com)
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 74 (webkit.org)
Register for the Serverless workshop on March 1 in San Francisco! (serverless.com)
Serverless Framework v1.36.3 (serverless.com)
v0.9.1-pro (github.com)
Optimising Prometheus 2.6.0 Memory Usage with pprof (www.robustperception.io)
Data I would not like to lose (natalian.org)
AWS Backup (www.awsgeek.com)
Player delivery improvements for A/B testing (www.brightcove.com)
Manufacturing.gov and White House security suffer under U.S. shutdown (news.netcraft.com)
Amazon Macie (www.awsgeek.com)
Stripe checkout BETA impressions (www.youtube.com)
Archiving Data to Amazon S3 Glacier using PowerShell (feeds.feedburner.com)
Brightcove achieves DPP security benchmarks (www.brightcove.com)
Why do resolved notifications contain old values? (www.robustperception.io)
The definitive guide to using Terraform with the Serverless Framework (serverless.com)
Trying Gopher with sacc on a lazy Sunday live stream (www.youtube.com)
Amazon DocumentDB (www.awsgeek.com)
.gov security falters during U.S. shutdown (news.netcraft.com)
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 73 (webkit.org)
Chrome to Firefox means enduring Firefox (natalian.org)
Serverless Framework v1.36: Bug fixes and quality of life improvements for all! (serverless.com)
It's cold in the Information Age (natalian.org)
AWS Icons (www.awsgeek.com)
Rising private Insurance costs in Singapore (natalian.org)
Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 2018 (news.netcraft.com)
DBS blocked my business card for security reasons (natalian.org)
Amazon Aurora Serverless (www.awsgeek.com)
How to suspend only when off AC power (natalian.org)
No suitable address found (natalian.org)

Dec 2018

AWS Lambda (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS Regions (www.awsgeek.com)
git-annex and funding update (joeyh.name)
fridge 0.2 (joeyh.name)
effective bug tracking illustrated with AT&T (joeyh.name)
Amazon Neptune (www.awsgeek.com)
Announcing Ruby build support for AWS SAM CLI (feeds.feedburner.com)
Using AWS SSM Parameter Store With Git SSH Keys (feeds.alestic.com)
Using API Gateway WebSockets with the Serverless Framework (serverless.com)
Introducing the ASP.NET Core Identity Provider Preview for Amazon Cognito (feeds.feedburner.com)
Go Modules in 2019 (blog.golang.org)
Now generally available: Amazon CognitoAuthentication Extension Library (feeds.feedburner.com)
Amazon QLDB (www.awsgeek.com)
Support for WebSocket APIs (docs.aws.amazon.com)
.NET Core configuration provider for AWS Systems Manager (feeds.feedburner.com)
Serverless Framework v.1.35: Local Invoke Ruby, CloudFormation variable syntax (serverless.com)
SQQUID: a 100% serverless startup (serverless.com)
Why And How Give Cryptocurrency For Christmas (www.forgac.me)
AWS SSM ASP.NET Core Data Protection Provider (feeds.feedburner.com)
Configure nsd(8) on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
v0.9.0-pro (github.com)
AWS DataSync (www.awsgeek.com)
v0.8.1-pro (github.com)
v0.8.1 (github.com)
Fitting a 15mm High Drive into a Gigabyte BRIX GB-BXBT-1900 (blog.jamiek.it)
AWS Serverless applications with multiple .NET Core projects (feeds.feedburner.com)
Property technology (natalian.org)
Debugging .NET Core AWS Lambda functions using the AWS .NET Mock Lambda Test Tool (feeds.feedburner.com)
Learning to unlearn (feeds.feedburner.com)
v0.8.0-pro (github.com)
DynamoDB On-Demand: When, why and how to use it in your serverless applications (serverless.com)
AWS Transfer for SFTP (www.awsgeek.com)
A Serverless Twitter bot helps house Camp Fire victims (serverless.com)
AWS reInvent 2018 DAT321 Amazon DynamoDB Under the Hood How We Built a Hyper Scale Database (www.awsgeek.com)
v0.8.0 (github.com)
Building an API with Ruby and the Serverless Framework (serverless.com)
AWS reInvent 2018 NET313 Amazon VPC Security at the Speed of Light (www.awsgeek.com)
Guest Post: Notable AWS re:invent Sessions, by Jennine Townsend (feeds.alestic.com)
AWS reInvent 2018 Evolution of the EC2 Host (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS reInvent 2018 CMP303 Powering Next Gen EC2 Instances Deep Dive into the Nitro System (www.awsgeek.com)

Nov 2018

Introducing: the Serverless Open Runtime (serverless.com)
Go 2, here we come! (blog.golang.org)
How to publish and use AWS Lambda Layers with the Serverless Framework (serverless.com)
Real-time applications with API Gateway WebSockets and AWS Lambda (serverless.com)
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server (www.awsgeek.com)
Amazon FSx for Lustre (www.awsgeek.com)
Amazon S3 (www.awsgeek.com)
What Firecracker open-source means for the serverless community (serverless.com)
Use AWS CodeDeploy to Implement Blue/Green Deployments for AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
Build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Your Container Images with Amazon ECR as Source (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
Amazon EFS (www.awsgeek.com)
All the Serverless announcements at re:Invent 2018 (serverless.com)
The re:Invent serverless virtual hackathon begins NOW (serverless.com)
Using AWS CodePipeline to Perform Multi-Region Deployments (blogs.aws.amazon.com)
Forward outgoing mail to a remote SMTP server (www.romanzolotarev.com)
How to split your BCH coins (www.forgac.me)
AWS SDK for Java 2.x released (feeds.feedburner.com)
Working with Ansible vaults in Go (sosedoff.com)
New AWS SDK for JavaScript – Developer Preview (feeds.feedburner.com)
Building a chat application using AWS AppSync and Serverless (serverless.com)
Serverless developer portal available through AWS Serverless Application Repository (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Mount exFAT file system on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Contributing to the AWS Cloud Development Kit (feeds.feedburner.com)
The true cost of a new employee: compensation calculator for startups (serverless.com)
Updating wordlists from Elasticsearch (xn--blgg-hra.no)
Amazon Lightsail (www.awsgeek.com)
Working with dependency injection in .NET Standard: inject your AWS clients – part 2 (feeds.feedburner.com)
Nine years of Go (blog.golang.org)
Introducing FONK: a serverless LAMP stack for K8S (serverless.com)
Amazon API Gateway (www.awsgeek.com)
Deprecation of Twitter @mentions in Brightcove Social (www.brightcove.com)
Participate in the 2018 Go User Survey (blog.golang.org)
Jared Short: Why I joined Serverless (serverless.com)
Amazon SageMaker (www.awsgeek.com)
Amazon Rekognition (www.awsgeek.com)
Mount file system via Media Transfer Protocol on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Support for AWS WAF (docs.aws.amazon.com)
When Money Is Not Mined, Wars and Government Waste Escalate (www.forgac.me)
No Server November: Join the #noServerNovember challenge! (serverless.com)

Oct 2018

Serverless developer portal (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Working with dependency injection in .NET Standard: inject your AWS clients – part 1 (feeds.feedburner.com)
DateTime serialization changes in the AWS SDK for .NET and AWSPowerShell modules (feeds.feedburner.com)
AWS re:Invent 2018 Experiences (feeds.alestic.com)
Upgrade OpenBSD on bare metal (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Announcing App Engine’s New Go 1.11 Runtime (blog.golang.org)
Using AWS CloudTrail to enhance your serverless application security (serverless.com)
Compile-time Dependency Injection With Go Cloud's Wire (blog.golang.org)
LaTeX cheat sheet (miek.nl)
Support for multi-value headers and query string parameters (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Common Node8 mistakes in Lambda (serverless.com)

Sep 2018

Documentation updated (docs.aws.amazon.com)
OpenAPI support (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Generate random string with random(4) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Amazon ElastiCache (www.awsgeek.com)
v0.7.8-pro (github.com)
Creating a PowerShell REST API (feeds.feedburner.com)
Find and remove whitespaces with grep(1) and sed(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Multiple managed access points in Malaysia (natalian.org)
Generate RSS feeds with grep(1), sed(1), and awk(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Loyalty: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain for It, Part VI (www.forgac.me)
Find disk name and partition with sysctl(1) and dmesg(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Amazon RDS (www.awsgeek.com)
censored Amazon review of Sandisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC Card (joeyh.name)
v0.7.7-pro (github.com)
v0.7.7 (github.com)
v0.7.5-pro (github.com)
Keeping the culture in remote culture (serverless.com)
Where to start if you want to become a web developer (feeds.feedburner.com)
Dock laptop with xrandr(1), xinput(1), xrdb(1), and sysctl(8) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Make bootable image with geteltorito(1) and dd(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Use Cloudflare Workers + Serverless Framework to add reliability and uptime to your FaaS (serverless.com)
The Serverless Framework wins Best Microservices API at the API Awards! (serverless.com)
Starting an Internet Service Provider - Part 2 - Deploying Fiber (chrishacken.com)
usb drives with no phantom load (joeyh.name)
Contigo AUTOSPOUT Straw mould - throw away? (www.youtube.com)
Evils of Australia's Minimum Wage (www.forgac.me)
AWS PrivateLink (www.awsgeek.com)
Active AWS X-Ray integration (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Mobile Improvements to Gallery Marquee Template (www.brightcove.com)
Amazon Comprehend (www.awsgeek.com)
The Brightcove Player Toolbox (www.brightcove.com)
3 Trends That Will Take Crypto To a New Level (www.forgac.me)
The Serveless design ethos: creating brand identity from a green field (serverless.com)
Amazon EKS (www.awsgeek.com)

Aug 2018

How to win followers & thought-leader people in 10 weeks (serverless.com)
Things to consider before building a serverless data warehouse (serverless.com)
Asset Management: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain for It, Part V. (www.forgac.me)
Energy: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain for It, Part IV. (www.forgac.me)
camping Roan highlands (joeyh.name)
Dear Ad Networks (joeyh.name)
Strategies for implementing user authentication in serverless applications (serverless.com)
Caching improvements (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Host your own CNCF CloudEvents compatible Event Gateway on Kubernetes, point to any FaaS (serverless.com)
How to streamline your serverless workflow with WebStorm (serverless.com)
Prepare ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 5 for OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Encrypt disk with bioctl(8) and CRYPTO (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Django and Python (serverless.com)
How to use the Serverless Event Gateway: build a REST API and react to custom events (serverless.com)
Deploy a Serverless Frontend with the Serverless Finch Plugin (serverless.com)
Unimpressed with the Gillette Fusion Proshield Razor (www.youtube.com)
Why Does Brightcove Player 6 Include Video.js 7? (www.brightcove.com)
Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: One Year On (www.forgac.me)

Jul 2018

Improvements in Brightcove Player 6.22 (www.brightcove.com)
Getting the Most Out of SEO in Gallery Portals (www.brightcove.com)
ServerlessConf 2018 San Francisco: key takeaways for the future of serverless (serverless.com)
The new Serverless Platform Beta: everything teams need to operationalize serverless development (serverless.com)
Day 14 - Osaka castle, Okonomiyaki, Aquarium & Haute cuisine (www.youtube.com)
Google Cloud Functions goes GA: what it means for Serverless (serverless.com)
Using TensorFlow and the Serverless Framework for deep learning and image recognition (serverless.com)
Day 15 - Last day in Japan avoiding the heat (www.youtube.com)
Efficient APIs with GraphQL and Serverless (serverless.com)
Day 13 - Kyoto's golden pavilion & Osaka's gaudy Dotonbori district (www.youtube.com)
Day 12 - Kyoto's Sagano scenic line, browsing toys & tofu for dinner (www.youtube.com)
2018 Serverless Community Survey: huge growth in serverless usage (serverless.com)
Day 11 - Kyoto Yamaboko-junko parade & Fushimi Inari ⛩ (www.youtube.com)
Commodities: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain For It, Part III. (www.forgac.me)
Dealing with DRM - Understanding DRM and How to Produce Protected Content (www.brightcove.com)
Unit testing for Node.js Serverless projects with Jest (serverless.com)
Day 10 - Kyoto railway museum & Gion Matsuri by Mamachari (www.youtube.com)
Day 9 - Kanazawa's train sushi & Kyoto's Gion festival (www.youtube.com)
Get in where you fit in: inclusion and diversity in tech (serverless.com)
Day 8 - Kanazawa Omicho market & Kenroku-en gardens (www.youtube.com)
AWS Storage Gateway (www.awsgeek.com)
Service limits revised (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Day 7 - 5AM to Okusha cedar trees, Soba & Zenkō-ji, then Shinkansen to Kanazawa (www.youtube.com)
Overriding API request and response parameters and headers (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Day 6 - Driving to Matsumoto from Nagano & back (www.youtube.com)
Build and deploy a Serverless Node.js app powered by Cosmic JS (serverless.com)
Method-level throttling for usage plans (docs.aws.amazon.com)
Using SQS with AWS Lambda and Serverless (serverless.com)
Out with the Old, In with the New (www.brightcove.com)
Amazon SQS (www.awsgeek.com)
Supply Chain: You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain For It, Part II. (www.forgac.me)
Deploy VM on OpenBSD Amsterdam (www.romanzolotarev.com)

Jun 2018

API Gateway Developer Guide update notifications now available through RSS (docs.aws.amazon.com)
two security holes and a new library (joeyh.name)
Failed to Follow Community Standards on Facebook (natalian.org)
Amazon Pinpoint (www.awsgeek.com)
You (Probably) Don't Need Blockchain For It (www.forgac.me)
Introducing Dynamic Delivery Rules (www.brightcove.com)
Publish Git repositories with stagit(1) on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Host Git repositories on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
the single most important criteria when replacing Github (joeyh.name)

May 2018

zedenv ZFS Boot Environment Manager (ramsdenj.com)
fridge 0.1 (joeyh.name)
The First Church of Chatbot: or, HOWTO Pwn a Democracy using Common Ingredients Easily Found in… (medium.com)
Manage terminals with tmux(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Edit text with vi(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Configure newsboat(1) to read RSS feeds in terminal (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Customize xenodm(1) login screen (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Set default programs with xdg-mime(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)

Apr 2018

Quickly expose Docker ports (sosedoff.com)
Enable HTTPS with acme-client(1) and Let's Encrypt on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Exchange Tokens, Equity Tokens and No-bullshit ICOs (www.forgac.me)
Configure httpd(8) on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Install OpenBSD on Vultr (www.romanzolotarev.com)
AWS Secrets Manager - Initial Thoughts (feeds.alestic.com)
Make a static site with find(1), grep(1), and lowdown(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
PLAY 2018 Speaker Series - Zach Shaw (www.brightcove.com)

Mar 2018

Guest Post: Jennine Townsend on AWS Documentation (feeds.alestic.com)
Generate passphrases with random(4) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Packaging Wine Application 'Path of Exile' With Flatpak (ramsdenj.com)
Zeroconf discovery with Swift (sosedoff.com)
These Shouldn't Be The Most Watched Lips On the Planet (www.forgac.me)
X-Forwarded-For DDoS (xn--blgg-hra.no)
IETF 101 DNS Hackathon Results (miek.nl)
Set time zone on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Leaving Singapore (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
AWS WAF (www.awsgeek.com)
Archive with borg(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Amazon GuardDuty (www.awsgeek.com)
Mount disk with... mount(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)

Feb 2018

Print with cups(1) on macOS (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Singapore (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
IETF 101 DNS Hackathon (miek.nl)
Replacing EC2 On-Demand Instances With New Spot Instances (feeds.alestic.com)
Abeltasman Park (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Amazon DynamoDB (www.awsgeek.com)
Listing AWS Accounts in an AWS Organization (feeds.alestic.com)
Enjoying the South Island (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Going South (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Bitcoin Is Not Killing Polar Bears (www.forgac.me)

Jan 2018

Press Play on These 2018 Video Trends (www.brightcove.com)
Brightcove Native SDK with ExoPlayer 2 (www.brightcove.com)
Surfing and working at the vulcano (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Running CoreDNS as a Forwarder in Kubernetes (miek.nl)

Dec 2017

Happy New Year (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Streaming AWS DeepLens Video Over SSH (feeds.alestic.com)
Merry Xmas from New Zealand (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Control code usernames in telnet honeypot (xn--blgg-hra.no)
A k8s LB using ARP (miek.nl)
AWS reInvent 2017 Evolution of the EC2 Host (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS reInvent 2017 Another Day Another Billion Flows NET405 (www.awsgeek.com)
Let's go to New Zealand (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Debian Package For Coredns 1.0.0 (miek.nl)
AWS reInvent 2017 Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS ABD201 (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS reInvent 2017 Container Networking Deep Dive with Amazon ECS CON401 (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS reInvent 2017 Deep Dive into Amazon Fargate CON333 (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS re:Invent 2017: (SID301) Using AWS Lambda as a Security Team (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS re:Invent 2017: (SID302) Force Multiply Your Security Team with Automation and Alexa (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS reInvent 2017 AWS PrivateLink Deep Dive NET310 (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS reInvent 2017 Automating DDoS Response in the Cloud SID324 (www.awsgeek.com)

Nov 2017

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances (www.awsgeek.com)
Amazon ECS (www.awsgeek.com)
Raised LEGO city (miek.nl)
Seattle December Video Tech Meetup (www.brightcove.com)
Changing Plans (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Rust Safety (husobee.github.io)
Switching to Vodafone Uncovered a Bug (miek.nl)
AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) (www.awsgeek.com)
Valparaiso (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)

Oct 2017

Bootleggers, Baptists, Prediction Markets and Blockchain (www.forgac.me)
Arrival in Chile (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
Fotos of Industry buildings in Düsseldorf (travel.ingolf-wagner.de)
“Not Secure” Messages in Gallery Sites (www.brightcove.com)
Amazon Athena (www.awsgeek.com)
Retry actions in Ruby (sosedoff.com)
Manage passwords with openssl(1) and oathtool(1) (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Versioning the Player Management API (www.brightcove.com)

Sep 2017

Zen of Cloud Optimization (www.awsgeek.com)
Brightcove Players - Planning For Failure (www.brightcove.com)
Creating AWS Accounts From The Command Line With AWS Organizations (feeds.alestic.com)
Install FreeBSD's Iocage from git into a virtualenv (ramsdenj.com)
Amazon Machine Learning (www.awsgeek.com)
AWS Well Architected Framework (www.awsgeek.com)
Install OpenBSD on a desktop (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Autoplay (www.brightcove.com)
Prepare bootable USB drive with OpenBSD installer on macOS (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Debian 9 for Intel's 7th generation (webconverger.org)
Service discovery with ZeroConf and Go (sosedoff.com)
Configure login(1) and sshd(8) for YubiKey on OpenBSD (www.romanzolotarev.com)

Aug 2017

Network Security - OSI (husobee.github.io)
Secure Programming - Web Applications (husobee.github.io)
Edit text with Vim (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Retailers who care about customers should not use state-run parcel services (www.forgac.me)
Four years of Pgweb (sosedoff.com)
A Simple Trick How to Read More Books (www.forgac.me)

Jul 2017

More important than !important (feeds.feedburner.com)
My Banking Epiphany (www.forgac.me)
Building a PWAMP #0: Introducing the ShadowReader (feeds.feedburner.com)
Download Content to Go! Announcing support for Offline Playback in the Brightcove Native Player SDKs (www.brightcove.com)

Jun 2017

Switching to Nixos from Arch Linux (ramsdenj.com)
The Illusion of Speed (feeds.feedburner.com)
For less debugging madness, set a perf budget (feeds.feedburner.com)
Google’s Updated DFP Integration for Video Cloud (www.brightcove.com)
What I learned from going to a design conference (feeds.feedburner.com)
Running Nextcloud in a jail on FreeBSD (ramsdenj.com)

May 2017

Large Lego Station - update 1 (miek.nl)
Large Train Station Arch (miek.nl)
New Brightcove Player Error Codes (www.brightcove.com)
Manage passwords with security(1) on macOS (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Zen and the Art of Internet Infrastructure (medium.com)
Rewriting TimerCheck.io In Python 3.6 On AWS Lambda With Chalice (feeds.alestic.com)
Simple Auto-complete (husobee.github.io)
AWS Community Day San Francisco, June 15, 2017 (feeds.alestic.com)
Generate SSH keys (www.romanzolotarev.com)

Apr 2017

Hackweek Spring 2017 (www.brightcove.com)
Feature Spotlight: Advanced Plugins (www.brightcove.com)
Feature Spotlight: Middleware (www.brightcove.com)
Covert channels: Hiding shell scripts in PNG files (xn--blgg-hra.no)
Fake LinkedIn invites (xn--blgg-hra.no)
Host repositories on GitHub (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Is it the End of Firefox on Webconverger (webconverger.org)
Important Changes for DRM in Chrome (www.brightcove.com)
Block formatting contexts and lists (feeds.feedburner.com)
Live Streaming Format of the Future (www.brightcove.com)

Mar 2017

Video Marketing Mentors: Integrating Video With Your Tech Stack (www.brightcove.com)
Generate Short Links to your Players in the Video Cloud Studio (www.brightcove.com)
Video Analytics Now Available in the Media Module (www.brightcove.com)
Seattle Video Tech Meetup - The Challenges of 360° VR Video (www.brightcove.com)
Incompatible: Static S3 Website With CloudFront Forwarding All Headers (feeds.alestic.com)
Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Dynamic Delivery (www.brightcove.com)
Building The Video Cloud Next Generation Analytics Platform (www.brightcove.com)
Social Video: A Mega Trend That Needs Mega Tools (www.brightcove.com)

Feb 2017

Using Swagger to Develop APIs (husobee.github.io)
Yet another Mirai strain targeting AVTech devices (xn--blgg-hra.no)
Mobile SDKs: Serving Videos Natively in Custom Apps (www.brightcove.com)
Integrate Video Into Your Email Campaigns Using the Media Module (www.brightcove.com)
Starting an Internet Service Provider (chrishacken.com)
LEGO Train Station Update 3 (miek.nl)
LEGO Train Station Update (miek.nl)
Brightcove Player 6 Alpha (www.brightcove.com)
Adding New Dimensions to your Content: Brightcove Native Player SDKs and 360 Video (www.brightcove.com)

Jan 2017

Blocking bots from the Cutwail botnet (xn--blgg-hra.no)
Load testing on Heroku (sosedoff.com)
Train Station MOC (miek.nl)
Zero-Sum/Fantasy/Politics versus Abundance/SF/Tech (medium.com)
On the Citational Complexity of Disciplines (medium.com)

Dec 2016

The 'Float and Park' Player: Don't force your videos to compete with your text (www.brightcove.com)
SHA/SSL encryption is changing: What you need to know (www.brightcove.com)
New Calculated Fields in Video Cloud Analytics API (www.brightcove.com)
How Much Does It Cost To Run A Serverless API on AWS? (feeds.alestic.com)

Nov 2016

Amazon Polly Text To Speech With aws-cli and Twilio (feeds.alestic.com)
Troubleshooting HTTP with tcpdump in Docker (husobee.github.io)
Everything Old is New Again (medium.com)
CoreDNS monitoring with stunnel (miek.nl)
Webconverger has reproducible builds (webconverger.org)
Find environment variables in Ruby projects (sosedoff.com)
A Brief Introduction to LXC Containers (ramsdenj.com)
Windows (feeds.feedburner.com)
Make a static website with Jekyll (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Touch typing (www.romanzolotarev.com)
The Inaugural Seattle Video Tech Meetup (www.brightcove.com)
CMS Connectors - Control the Video Workflow On Your Terms (www.brightcove.com)

Oct 2016

Improving HLS Playback (www.brightcove.com)
LEGO Vertical Lift Bridge (miek.nl)
Compare JavaScript, Ramda, and Elm (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Introducing Thumbcoil (www.brightcove.com)
Screencasts for programmers (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Debunked: 10 Misconceptions about AMP (feeds.feedburner.com)
Video Transcoding, Dynamic Ingest, and APIs: An Overview (www.brightcove.com)
Docker Gotchas (sosedoff.com)

Sep 2016

Watch Folders in the Cloud: Automated transcoding using S3, Lambda, and Zencoder (www.brightcove.com)
Hacking Client Certs into httpstat (husobee.github.io)
Never Use Floats for Money (husobee.github.io)
Containerizing Graphical Applications On Linux With systemd-nspawn (ramsdenj.com)
Golang Channel Dangers (husobee.github.io)
Edit text with TextEdit.app (www.romanzolotarev.com)
That time a BT rep. recommended I use "something like Password123" (blog.jamiek.it)
Hopper and Container Wagons (miek.nl)
Safe Heaps in Golang (husobee.github.io)

Aug 2016

Markdown in twenty four lines (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Arch Linux on The Surface Pro 4 (ramsdenj.com)
Arch Linux on ZFS - Part 3: Backups, Snapshots and Other Features (ramsdenj.com)
AWS PHP SDK v3 (dabase.com)
A standalone website (www.romanzolotarev.com)
Do you need a website? (www.romanzolotarev.com)
cURL with HTTP2 Support - A Minimal Alpine-based Docker Image (nathanleclaire.com)
The End of "HTML-First" (www.brightcove.com)
CoreDNS.io (miek.nl)
Train Buffer (miek.nl)

Jul 2016

AWS ECS Workflow (dabase.com)
OpenVPN On FreeBSD 10.3 (ramsdenj.com)
Pitching A Fit, or #64SF (medium.com)
ECS questions (dabase.com)
DevOps evolution (dabase.com)
Custom struct field tags in Golang (sosedoff.com)
I was told that the acidity of the stomach usually kills bacteria, but probiotics must make it past… (medium.com)
The Potlatch as Probiotic Petri Dish (medium.com)
Whats the difference between a Docker container and a Virtual machine? (dabase.com)
Building Inclines and Bridges (miek.nl)

Jun 2016

On the Matter of Beautiful git Diffs (nathanleclaire.com)
Building a Train Bridge (miek.nl)
Triangular Warren Truss Bridge in LEGO (miek.nl)
YAML, HCL, TOML, and Other Fantastic Beasts (nathanleclaire.com)
Do not btrfs device remove (dabase.com)
Video.js 5's fluid mode and playlist picker (www.brightcove.com)

May 2016

Debug Queries in CoreDNS with the etcd Middleware (miek.nl)
Webconverger 35 release (webconverger.org)
Wiping a Xiaomi Mi note (dabase.com)
Mmark Updates (miek.nl)
Caddy in Docker (dabase.com)
Dump all MySQL and PostgreSQL databases (sosedoff.com)
Samba sharing with undelete (dabase.com)
Using Puma and Capybara for integration testing (sosedoff.com)

Apr 2016

Starting with CoreDNS (miek.nl)
Caching in CoreDNS (miek.nl)
CoreDNS Dogfood, part 2 (miek.nl)
CoreDNS Dogfood (miek.nl)
CoreDNS: almost ready to dogfood (miek.nl)
Running CoreDNS (miek.nl)
Better CoreOS in a VM experience (eagain.net)

Mar 2016

Almost ready to dogfood CoreDNS (miek.nl)
Writing CoreDNS Middleware (miek.nl)
SkyDNS in CoreDNS (miek.nl)
Travis CI extension for Github (sosedoff.com)
CoreDNS Chaining Middleware (miek.nl)
Openwrt rescue (dabase.com)
Announcing CoreDNS (miek.nl)
Caddy DNS update (miek.nl)
First Light (miek.nl)
Caddy DNS (miek.nl)
Mmark Syntax Document (miek.nl)
First impressions of Django 1.9 (dabase.com)
Enable Prometheus metrics in Caddy (miek.nl)
Inline Attribute Lists (miek.nl)

Feb 2016

Monitoring with SSH and Prometheus (miek.nl)
Using Golang 1.6 Templates (nathanleclaire.com)
hugo (miek.nl)
Webconverger 34 release (webconverger.org)
Developing Docker container workflow (dabase.com)

Jan 2016

Unmarshaling a JSON array into a Go struct (eagain.net)
Go JSON unmarshaling based on an enumerated field value (eagain.net)
Wireless AC only works when stupidly close to the AP (dabase.com)

Dec 2015

Prolog is like FTL fuel for your spaceship. (medium.com)
Running simple SSH honeypot with Docker (sosedoff.com)
DNS for local development (sosedoff.com)
Addressable hostnames (dabase.com)
Try Swift Online (sosedoff.com)

Nov 2015

lean prompt (for zsh) (miek.nl)
Webconverger 33 release (webconverger.org)
The Martian - The Swiss Cheese of Films (blog.jamiek.it)
Single App Chrome Device Management alternative (webconverger.org)
Seamless Docker Multihost Overlay Networking on DigitalOcean With Machine, Swarm, and Compose ft. RethinkDB (nathanleclaire.com)
Using curl and the UNIX socket to talk to the Docker API (nathanleclaire.com)
Mail from a VPS using AWS SES from sandbox mode (dabase.com)
Using Ansible with Docker Machine to Bootstrap Host Nodes (nathanleclaire.com)
Web IRC logger (dabase.com)

Oct 2015

BitRun - Hello World (sosedoff.com)
Webkit on Rpi2 (dabase.com)
APIs must send time (dabase.com)
Javascript API barriers (dabase.com)
Interfaces and Composition for Effective Unit Testing in Golang (nathanleclaire.com)
Subfigures in mmark (miek.nl)
Camera Repair Quote from Sendean Cameras (blog.jamiek.it)

Sep 2015

Flickr Auto-Uploader for Windows Phone (blog.jamiek.it)
Callouts in Figures in Mmark (miek.nl)
So it looks like Estonia has already done this: https://e-estonia.com/e-residents/about/ (medium.com)
Webconverger 32 release (webconverger.org)
Lists in lists with style (miek.nl)
Moved to Singapore (webconverger.org)
Foscam C1 (dabase.com)
Upgrading PHP for security reasons (dabase.com)

Aug 2015

SanDisk Ultra USB3 (dabase.com)
Dynamic JSON in Go (eagain.net)
Evergreen PHP (dabase.com)
Side effect of centralisation WRT censorship (dabase.com)
ChromeOS versus Webconverger (webconverger.org)

Jul 2015

Rsync or Btrfs (dabase.com)
Flickr authorisation URL doesn't work on certain browser components (blog.jamiek.it)
Screencasting from Archlinux gotchas (dabase.com)

Jun 2015

Spontaneous wake ups from suspend (miek.nl)
7 days to leave Hiveage (dabase.com)
Hiveage grievances (dabase.com)
A suckless video editor proposal (dabase.com)
Go and Alpine Linux (miek.nl)
Docker Machine 0.3.0 Sneak Preview: Transmogrify Existing Servers To Be Docker-ready and much, much, more (nathanleclaire.com)

May 2015

Exploring 1Password's Crypto With Go (sosedoff.com)
Docker Alpine Linux Image for ARM (miek.nl)
SSH port forwarding with Go (sosedoff.com)
Data encryption in Go using OpenSSL (sosedoff.com)
Git-annex-shortfalls-for-me (dabase.com)
Automatically import boot2docker environment variables (sosedoff.com)
Learning Go in Markdown (miek.nl)

Apr 2015

Automating Docker Logging: ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Logspout (nathanleclaire.com)
Manually Fixing Multiple Screens with Different DPIs in Linux (blog.jamiek.it)

Mar 2015

Archiving iPhone images with Archlinux and ifuse (dabase.com)
Two Web Navigation expectations (dabase.com)
You're Not Using This Enough, Part One: Go Interfaces (nathanleclaire.com)
Singapore Speed on Singtel 500Mbps 2015 (dabase.com)

Feb 2015

Pi cluster fun (miek.nl)

Jan 2015

Photos, EXIF, GPS and Go (sosedoff.com)
Hipache API service (sosedoff.com)

Dec 2014

Shelled-out Commands In Golang (nathanleclaire.com)
Migrating to Hugo From Octopress (nathanleclaire.com)
Gin middleware examples (sosedoff.com)
Markdown for XML2RFC v3 - Update (miek.nl)
Generate random hex string in Go (sosedoff.com)
Docker container update workflow (dabase.com)

Nov 2014

Markdown for XML2RFC v3 (miek.nl)
Vhost docker container (dabase.com)
'invalid value for project' google compute engine (dabase.com)

Oct 2014

xmodmap is dead (miek.nl)
Experiencing CoreOS+Docker (dabase.com)
Vim live preview (sort of) (miek.nl)

Sep 2014

How not to Transfer Your Domains Between Registrars (blog.jamiek.it)
The Dockerfile is not the source of truth for your image (nathanleclaire.com)
IDN and Private RR in Go DNS (miek.nl)

Aug 2014

How much does it cost to run an Archlinux mirror on EC2 (dabase.com)
Go DNS package (miek.nl)
SIGFOX (dabase.com)

Jul 2014

Back to bash after fish (dabase.com)
Better initializer structure for Ruby applications (sosedoff.com)
Cleanup git branches (sosedoff.com)

Jun 2014

SkyDNS running live (miek.nl)
Macbook Air Early 2014 Archlinux (dabase.com)
SkyDNS version 2 (miek.nl)
Learning Go (miek.nl)

May 2014

DNS Router (miek.nl)
S3 permission policy confusion (dabase.com)

Apr 2014

Howto join MP4 files (dabase.com)
grub_term_highlight_color (miek.nl)

Mar 2014

Good riddance netctl (dabase.com)
Systemd network on a Droplet (dabase.com)
i3 (miek.nl)

Feb 2014

Recommended Apps for Windows Phone 8 (blog.jamiek.it)
Notes from SCALE12x (eagain.net)
Iperf SG:DigitalOcean versus GPLhost (dabase.com)
USB3 disk testing (dabase.com)

Jan 2014

New Site Based on Pelican (miek.nl)
Script to set Firefox zoom/dpi/devPixelsPerPx on the command line (blog.jamiek.it)

Dec 2013

Cleanup docker images and containers (sosedoff.com)
Weekend project: irc2pusher message relay (sosedoff.com)
Personal Go install (miek.nl)
Watching HTML video on Youtube without Flash (dabase.com)
Geo lookups with ElasticSearch and Rails (sosedoff.com)
Weekend project: OSX launchctl wrapper in Go (sosedoff.com)

Nov 2013

Minimal Dovecot (dabase.com)
Why 13 DNS root servers? (miek.nl)
Understanding CoreOS (dabase.com)

Oct 2013

Cloning hosts (dabase.com)
Sexism at theregister.co.uk (blog.jamiek.it)
Do's and dont's for (ab)using the DNS (miek.nl)
Cloning a disk (dabase.com)

Sep 2013

(Almost) Passive Cooling an Acer Aspire Revo R3600 Intel Atom 330 (blog.jamiek.it)
The Truth About Film and Airport X-Ray Machines (blog.jamiek.it)
Short kernel compile howto for Debian/Ubuntu (miek.nl)
Google groups is Kafkaesque (dabase.com)

Aug 2013

Macbook Air (6,1) 2013 model with Ubuntu (miek.nl)
Faster CI builds by caching installed bundle to AmazonS3 (sosedoff.com)
Giving up Google (blog.jamiek.it)
PKCS11 wrapper for Go (miek.nl)
It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah (blog.jamiek.it)
My Hour with Skype Support (blog.jamiek.it)
BT Internet SMTP Authentication (with Exim for Example) (blog.jamiek.it)

Jul 2013

Rfc2pandoc (miek.nl)
Pandoc2rfc update(s) (miek.nl)
Hide Yahoo! nav bar in Flickr etc (blog.jamiek.it)

Jun 2013

Visual Studio 2005 asks for a Product Key (blog.jamiek.it)
Three Customer Support (blog.jamiek.it)
vim and editing pandoc2rfc (miek.nl)
HTC One Cracked Camera Glass (blog.jamiek.it)
Make GNOME3 usable (miek.nl)

Feb 2013

Persistent Synaptic Touchpad settings in Ubuntu 12.10+ (miek.nl)
Makefile based static site generator (dabase.com)
Highlighting a region in a screenshot (dabase.com)
Lighweight virtualization with LXC (sosedoff.com)
New Dutch Teletext Script (miek.nl)

Jan 2013

Systemd powertop tunables (dabase.com)
Make me a sandwich, MAKE me a sandwich (miek.nl)
Pandoc2rfc and xml2rfc (miek.nl)
Vim as MANPAGER (miek.nl)
Metrics (dabase.com)
Making a Claim from Photoguard/JLT (blog.jamiek.it)

Dec 2012

pptpd VPN iPhone (dabase.com)
Go DNS API change WITH rewrite rules! (miek.nl)
Printing MX records with Go DNS, take 3 (miek.nl)
NSEC3 (miek.nl)

Nov 2012

Adding new RR types to GO DNS (miek.nl)
Minimal ActiveAdmin install (sosedoff.com)
Handbrake: No title(s) found. (blog.jamiek.it)
Encoding ogv files to edit in Adobe Premiere (blog.jamiek.it)

Oct 2012

.NL DNSSEC error on 28th of October 2012 (miek.nl)
Linux - finding duplicate filenames in subdirectories (blog.jamiek.it)
scrot upload your screenshots (dabase.com)

Sep 2012

Source Code Pro (miek.nl)
Dynamic Syntax Highlighting in Vim (miek.nl)
Updated DNS syntax file for VIM (miek.nl)

Aug 2012

User management in fksd (miek.nl)
Dynamic nameserver provisioning with dns pkts (miek.nl)

Jul 2012

Stream Travis-CI updates into notifications center (sosedoff.com)
Sharing an Internet connection in Archlinux (dabase.com)
Minimal squid3 proxy configuration (dabase.com)
Leap second insertion at work (miek.nl)
Libunbound wrapper in Go (miek.nl)

Jun 2012

Sync subversion to github.com (miek.nl)
Munin port traffic plugin (miek.nl)
FineRadar - Solving the problem for city parking (sosedoff.com)
Printing MX records with Go DNS (miek.nl)
ath9k under Linux (miek.nl)
Dynamic nginx upstreams with Lua and Redis (sosedoff.com)
draft-gieben-creating-rfcs-pandoc-00.txt (miek.nl)

May 2012

Key and value checks for Ruby arrays and hashes (sosedoff.com)
Dynamic HTTP proxy with Node.js and Redis (sosedoff.com)

Apr 2012

Sending apple push notification with ApplePush gem (sosedoff.com)
Hacking on OpenTable public API (sosedoff.com)
How to create a FAQ that does not suck (dabase.com)
Strip cookies from response (sosedoff.com)

Mar 2012

Lord of the DNSSEC (miek.nl)
Why not ZIP the damn thing (miek.nl)
Super-short guide to getting q (Part II) (miek.nl)

Feb 2012

AH01630: client denied by server configuration (dabase.com)
Emoji and Rails JSON output issue (sosedoff.com)
godns is now dns (miek.nl)

Jan 2012

DNS Fingerprinting (miek.nl)
Adding code revision header to your apps (sosedoff.com)
Super-short guide to getting q (miek.nl)
DNSSEC message checking (miek.nl)
NSEC3 white paper v2 (miek.nl)
NSEC4 (miek.nl)
Slides for my recent talks (eagain.net)
XSLT and sectN/section (miek.nl)

Dec 2011

Convert vim colors to gvim colors (miek.nl)
Autotrust your RVM gemsets (sosedoff.com)
Cherry-picking remote branches (miek.nl)

Nov 2011

NSEC3 Whitepaper (miek.nl)

Sep 2011

Pandoc to RFC (miek.nl)
color me, color you (miek.nl)
Xoria256m color scheme (miek.nl)

Aug 2011

Learning Go for E-readers (miek.nl)
Opposite of J (miek.nl)
VIM setup (miek.nl)
Project page for Learning Go (miek.nl)
Processing emails with Postfix and Rails (sosedoff.com)
Chaining proxies (miek.nl)

Jul 2011

Reverse DNS proxy (miek.nl)
OpenSSH and Kerberos (miek.nl)
On programming languages and programmers (miek.nl)
Go DNS (update) (miek.nl)

May 2011

Axfr to Git (miek.nl)

Apr 2011

Keyboards influenced by touchscreens (eagain.net)
GNOME 3.2 Wishlist (miek.nl)
Stay out of my windows (miek.nl)
DNS reflector server in GO (miek.nl)

Feb 2011

Learning Go - version 0.3 (miek.nl)
Deploy tools (eagain.net)
OpenSSH 5.7 for Ubuntu 10.10 (miek.nl)
Hardlink support in sshfs (miek.nl)
DNS and some ccTLDs (miek.nl)

Jan 2011

Funkensign (miek.nl)
Funkensturm (miek.nl)
Funkensturm: delaying proxy example (miek.nl)
Funkensturm: transparent proxy example (miek.nl)
Funkensturm: a versatile DNS proxy (miek.nl)
Bash Hate, Zsh Love (miek.nl)
DNSSEC validation in Go for fun and profit (miek.nl)
Go DNS and AXFR (miek.nl)

Dec 2010

DNSSEC enabled (miek.nl)
(Re)announcing GoDNS (miek.nl)
Android Market search (dabase.com)
A (writable) DNS filesystem (miek.nl)
Packaging the Web (dabase.com)
A DNS filesystem (miek.nl)

Oct 2010

Learning Go - version 0.2 (miek.nl)
Git, $Id$ and file names (miek.nl)
Email Etiquette for corporates (dabase.com)
Precise float placement (miek.nl)
Go book update (miek.nl)
Domains NOT paths for Web applications (dabase.com)
First post running Ubuntu 10.10 (miek.nl)
TFL Bike stations (dabase.com)

Aug 2010

It is there (miek.nl)
Go number cruncher (miek.nl)
Learning Go - version 0.1 (miek.nl)
Private support email (dabase.com)
Formatting Go code with Vim (miek.nl)
Go DNS online (miek.nl)
Computer Languages (miek.nl)

Jun 2010

Business IRC (dabase.com)
Go Book Building (miek.nl)
Fuzzy fonts in Chromium Browser Under Linux (miek.nl)
Remember text in LaTeX (miek.nl)

May 2010

Go Book (miek.nl)

Mar 2010

Alarmed about DAP Calendar (dabase.com)
Depending on the mobile Web (dabase.com)
Hibernate and suspend with Ubuntu 9.10 (miek.nl)

Feb 2010

Ubuntu Lucid Alpha-3 (miek.nl)
MWC2010 Web geek (dabase.com)
LaTeX Nirvana (miek.nl)

Jan 2010

n900 developer tips (dabase.com)
n900 mobile developer paradise (dabase.com)
Go tutorial in Dutch (miek.nl)
Starting n900 development (dabase.com)
upstart and booting with init=/bin/bash (miek.nl)
My f() function in Zsh (and maybe Bash) (miek.nl)
map function in Go (miek.nl)

Dec 2009

Why policies (dabase.com)
Search Engine Optimisation (dabase.com)
Inotify (miek.nl)

Nov 2009

Prime sieve (in Go ofcourse) (miek.nl)
More Go (miek.nl)
cat in Go (miek.nl)
Widget mapping quirks (dabase.com)
First steps with Go (miek.nl)
Go language (miek.nl)
New layout (miek.nl)

Oct 2009

Dymo 400 Label Writer in Ubuntu (Jaunty/Karmic) (miek.nl)
Fedora 11 vs Ubuntu 9.10 (miek.nl)
KPN redux (miek.nl)
Use upstart to replace rc.local (miek.nl)
Goodbye charm, welcome up (miek.nl)
Microsoft rules . ? (miek.nl)
iotop (miek.nl)
Spot the problem (miek.nl)

Sep 2009

nss-ldap (miek.nl)
Signed Widgets (dabase.com)
KPN Dongle with Ubuntu (miek.nl)
Monit and Munin (miek.nl)
Ubuntu Karmic (miek.nl)
JIL versus BONDI on Security (dabase.com)

Aug 2009

Remote commands with Zabbix actions (miek.nl)
Brace yourself (miek.nl)
EeePC Linux install (miek.nl)
Git filtering (miek.nl)
String multiplication in zsh (miek.nl)
Bash shell scripting and octal values (miek.nl)
Performance plotting with atop and Gnuplot (miek.nl)
How to mess up git (miek.nl)
Die Pulseaudio, die die die!!! (miek.nl)
Ssh escape key (miek.nl)
Mobile Gaming (dabase.com)

Jul 2009

DNS classes (miek.nl)
JIL versus BONDI (dabase.com)
Case insensitive cd (miek.nl)
SRM with KVM and DRBD (miek.nl)
A library at home (miek.nl)
ZFS and Oracle (miek.nl)
Kernel logs (miek.nl)
Playing with dhcpd (miek.nl)
Using LaTeX with a label writer (miek.nl)
Making a library (miek.nl)

Jun 2009

Contribute Widget tests (dabase.com)
PDF/A versus HTML (dabase.com)
Full file system and I/O redirection (miek.nl)
2.6.30 and Ubuntu Jaunty (miek.nl)
Web browser printing comparison (dabase.com)

May 2009

Group policy in Linux (miek.nl)
Kerberos (miek.nl)
Zsh prompt updates (miek.nl)
DNSSEC deployment (miek.nl)
Short URLs (miek.nl)
UK PAYG Internet comparison (dabase.com)
mkfs.ntfs /dev/sdc1 (miek.nl)
Related articles in nanoblogger (miek.nl)
New teletekst script (miek.nl)
Widget Test Framework (dabase.com)
KDE XFCE rocks (miek.nl)

Apr 2009

Mobile browser test (dabase.com)
Resize RAID1 array without knowing which disk is which (miek.nl)
Rebuilding the RAID1 array (miek.nl)
My First Linux (miek.nl)
Oracle and OpenSolaris (miek.nl)
Ubuntu, LUKS disk encryption (miek.nl)
Coding Erlang (miek.nl)
/proc/sys/kernel/pid_max (miek.nl)
OpenLDAP 2.4 cn=config (miek.nl)
LVM: good, LVM snapshots: bad (miek.nl)
Linux networking bonding (miek.nl)
vim text objects (miek.nl)
Server upgrade with ldap (miek.nl)

Mar 2009

notify-osd in Ubuntu Intrepid (miek.nl)
xfce 4.6 packages for Ubuntu Intrepid (miek.nl)

Feb 2009

VIM stuff (miek.nl)
Setting up a new RAID1 partition (miek.nl)
NetFront Widgets Player first look (dabase.com)
HTML5 ISO8601 (dabase.com)
Widgets are simple offline packages (dabase.com)
The builtin test operator (miek.nl)
gitvi (update) (miek.nl)
Mobile domain names (dabase.com)
Fixed mobile design is ok (dabase.com)
Display none wont work on mobiles (dabase.com)
Degrading Widgets (dabase.com)
Vim Tips of the Day (miek.nl)

Jan 2009

A 'more...' link in nanoblogger (miek.nl)
Nanoblogger comments (update) (miek.nl)
NB comments (miek.nl)
Nanoblogger comments (miek.nl)

Dec 2008

ssh's ControlMaster with zsh (miek.nl)
updated gitvi script (miek.nl)
Using GIT and VI together (miek.nl)

Oct 2008

Lazy client, part IV (miek.nl)
Lazy client part III (miek.nl)
CFengine: input file had no explicit version string (miek.nl)

Sep 2008

Lazy client, part II (miek.nl)
Bash loadable modules (miek.nl)

Aug 2008

Older (DNSSEC) presentations (miek.nl)
Slowly changing the background in XFCE (miek.nl)
The file system I want (miek.nl)
EuroPython 2008 videos are up (eagain.net)
XFCE title less theme (miek.nl)
Grrrr (miek.nl)
Setup postfix with clamav and spamassassin WITHOUT amavis (miek.nl)
My favorite LaTeX preamble (miek.nl)

Jul 2008

truetype fonts in LaTeX the easy way (on Debian/Unbuntu) (miek.nl)
Cisco DNSSEC paper (miek.nl)
SE Linux and BIND9 (miek.nl)
Fool the Dutch nameserver check (miek.nl)
Not thin, not thick, but lazy (miek.nl)
EuroPython 2008 wrap up (eagain.net)
teletext (NL) script (miek.nl)
multihome setup in Linux (miek.nl)
Vim and GPG (miek.nl)
f() (miek.nl)
XFCE to Xmonad and back again (miek.nl)
EuroPython 2008 talk #1: My God it's Full of Files (eagain.net)

Jun 2008

zsh prompt, part 2 (miek.nl)
a new LaTeX style (miek.nl)
XFS corrupt again (miek.nl)
Giving GNOME the boot (miek.nl)
git quick ref (miek.nl)
A popup from .procmailrc (miek.nl)
DNSSEC Presentation for the NLLGG (miek.nl)
my `git` workflow (miek.nl)

Apr 2008

check if a directory is empty in bash (miek.nl)
Ubuntu 8.04 (beta) (miek.nl)

Mar 2008

Setup VIM7 spelling in Ubuntu (miek.nl)
Best VIM tip ever! (miek.nl)
OpenSSH and clear text passwords (miek.nl)
Boot from USB with RAID on your harddisks (miek.nl)
Metacity 2.23.3 (miek.nl)
Postfix setup on a laptop. (miek.nl)
DNS filesystem (miek.nl)

Feb 2008

Split DNS done right: 2 servers; NSD and BIND9 (miek.nl)
My ZSH prompt setup (miek.nl)
RFC4641 (miek.nl)
Moved to Maildir (miek.nl)
DNSSEC: problemen en beloftes (miek.nl)
DNSSEC in the .nl zone mini HOWTO. The .nl.nl-experiment. (miek.nl)
DNSSEC in NL or the .nl.nl experiment (miek.nl)
Apache2 configureren/opzetten (in Dutch) (miek.nl)
puppet with git (miek.nl)

Jan 2008

Old Unix tools (miek.nl)
Ubuntu graphic installer (miek.nl)

Dec 2007

Nanoblogger plugin for tagcloud (miek.nl)
gallery plugin (miek.nl)
Master's Thesis: Chain of Trust (miek.nl)
.my talk (miek.nl)
Speedtouch 510 setup with Linux (miek.nl)
done (miek.nl)

Nov 2007

Incremental mapreduce (eagain.net)
blockbook.cls; a LaTeX class (miek.nl)

Oct 2007

KVM, the virtualization mechanism, rocks (eagain.net)
Snakepit and gitosis, things I've been working on (eagain.net)

Jun 2007

Rotaclock -- a unique clock where the whole wrist display the time (eagain.net)

Mar 2007

Git for Computer Scientists (eagain.net)
Howto host git on your Linux box (eagain.net)

Feb 2007

Howto buy a used car in California (eagain.net)
SCALE5x: Talk summary of the OpenWengo talk (eagain.net)
SCALE5x: Talk summary of the horribly named Red Hat Xen talk (eagain.net)
SCALE5x: Talk summary of Admin++, what root never told you (eagain.net)
IMAP over SSH Howto (eagain.net)
Web 2.0 Explained (eagain.net)

Dec 2006

Six Word Scifi (eagain.net)
The Phone Killer Phone (eagain.net)

Nov 2006

I need a bag (eagain.net)
A Revver command line video upload tool (eagain.net)

Sep 2006

New domain name (eagain.net)

May 2006

In case your Xen domU's have networking trouble (eagain.net)
iBook--, Thinkpad++ (eagain.net)

Apr 2006

My iBook has two heads (eagain.net)

Dec 2005

render_pattern: Repeat patterns easily in Nevow templates (eagain.net)
render_fragment: Reusable fragment embedding in Nevow templates (eagain.net)
render_if: Conditional Parts in Nevow Templates (eagain.net)

Nov 2005

My review of Twisted Network Programming Essentials (eagain.net)
turku-dev: Kehittäjätapaaminen Turussa (eagain.net)
The MochiKit screencast is very nice (eagain.net)
I registered at Technorati.com (eagain.net)
New website template (eagain.net)
Python is confusing (eagain.net)

Sep 2005

Using nevow.guard the smart way (eagain.net)
Turuxi gathering looks a bit too boring :( (eagain.net)

Jan 0001

Archive (miek.nl)