Kai Ian Hendry

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Computing interests

  1. Linux or more specifically Archlinux
  2. Mobiles
  3. Web

History with computers

In chronological order:

  1. ZX Spectrum (Games)
  2. Commodore 64 (Logo, BASIC)
  3. Apple II (some really boring accountancy software for my parents business)
  4. IBM XT + Game Blaster(Sierra games and MS-DOS)
  5. Amiga 600&1200 (Mainly for games)
  6. 286 AT(More games and later versions of DOS and Norton)
  7. 286/386 (Mainly games)
  8. 486 with a modem (BBS!!)
  9. A better 486 (Win3.1 and Mosaic!)
  10. P90 (No telephone, so mainly games and word processing for school under Win95)
  11. K6-2 300 + Voodoo2 (Quake)
  12. K6-2 450 (Overclocking, getting into Linux)
  13. AMD 1800+ (Ah, Debian)
  14. IBM Thinkpad and a couple of Debian boxen on the net I ssh to.
  15. OMG, I am using Apple hardware...
  16. No, actually I still prefer Thinkpads. I have a couple of ARM based devices now though I develop on.
  17. Android G1
  18. Linux i7 workstation
  19. Lenovo Thinkpad X201
  20. Lenovo Thinkpad X220
  21. Iphone 4S
  22. Lots of servers
  23. Lenovo X1C3 with keys that pop off... not buying Thinkpads again!
  24. Lenovo T460s, and I do use a MBP with FCPX to edit videos!
  25. Thinkpad T480s
  26. T14 Gen 3

Tools I use configured with a bunch of dotfiles

Yes I am an Unix dork. :)

  1. irssi - a chat client
  2. vim - a bloated editor
  3. dwm - window manager
  4. chromium - browsing the Web at speed
  5. The glorious black terminal with st and tmux
  6. bash - a shell with bashisms

The console is like a sharp knife, very effective, but not very user friendly. I do make efforts to work on Web applications for the rest of the world to interface with computers.

Games I know

I do not have time for games now. However, I used to be 'ok' at:

  1. PUBG on my iPhone
  2. Quakeworld - more specifically the Team Fortress MOD
  3. Quake2/Quake3/Quakelive too in fact any First Person Shooter!
  4. Starcraft/Warcraft 3 - Probably the best Real Time Strategy (RTS) game
  5. I also love BRE and VGAP (old BBS door games), but I have not played those games in YEARS.
  6. Scrabble/Backgammon/Chess/Risk (board games)

I usually play under the alias draq, dadraqsta or just hendry online.